Jennifer Aniston’s We’re The Millers performed well at the box office this weekend. And it was Justin Theroux’s 42nd birthday. So there was a lot to celebrate. And they did with all their famous friends at their mansion in Bel Air, bought for around $20 million and that doesn’t include renovations.


Forget the celebrities, let’s creep the house.

There must be a lot of lounging that goes on in that house. I see a lot of couches. There are more couches in her house than there are chopsticks in mine. And comfortable ones too. Which reminds me of how she disagreed with Brad Pitt about “furniture” because he was always into art pieces and she was like, can’t a girl just get high on a goddam loveseat and rest her head instead of perching on all these f-cking angles?

On this issue, I’m with her.

UPDATED: Photos removed.