Jennifer Aniston gets digitally retouched?

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US Magazine is saying so. US claims an “inside source” (when are they ever outside?) on Aniston’s upcoming romcom The Switch, says that Aniston was paranoid about lines on her face to the extent that she asked for *more* retouching after seeing a cut of the movie. A rep for Aniston responded that “all films go through print adjustments”, and while that’s true, the claim here is that Aniston wanted *more* adjustments, not that there were ever adjustments in the first place. Another source alleges that Aniston is also jealous of swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker’s body on the set of Just Go With It, which is currently filming. Of course Aniston is jealous of Brooklyn Decker’s body. EVERYONE is jealous of Brooklyn Decker’s body.

I’m not sure I buy this. I don’t like Aniston very much, and on one hand I can completely believe she is paranoid about aging and is demanding she be airbrushed to youthful perfection for her movie. But on the other hand…Aniston hasn’t been f*cking with her face. Or if she has, she’s hidden it so well I am willing to accept the ruse and say she isn’t. For everything about her that annoys me, this one thing I can give her. She’s maintaining her looks not in a Beverly Hills doctor’s office, but through a brutal and punishing workout regime and what I assume is a miserable and joyless diet plan.

Maybe it is true, though. Maybe she’s getting anxious about aging. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before Aniston shows up on a red carpet looking like the Joker, a la Meg Ryan.

Here is Jennifer Aniston on the set of Just Go With It last week.

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