The Academy confirmed yesterday that Jennifer Aniston will present at the Oscars. A presenter… but not a nominee.

Gracious to accept the invitation on her part, sure. But, really, what choice did she have? If she declined, she’d look to them like a petty asshole, and they’d probably lock her out again if the opportunity ever presented itself.

You see then how the Academy can manipulate?

She tried so hard to make them love her, to secure a spot among the five best actresses and they weren’t moved. But they need the ratings. The nominees this year aren’t exactly names who attract the masses, right? I mean, I love Marion Cotillard but the MiniVan Majority doesn’t count her as a household name. So while in their eyes Jen might not be good enough for a nomination, she’s definitely good to draw viewers. With her cleavage?

This is how the Academy wields its power. Let us use you. And, later, we might reward you. But no promises.