It depends who it is.

Heidi Montag butchered her face and body. Her reward? Montag excitedly tweeted about it the other day. She’s landed a cameo in a movie. And not just any movie. It’s a JENNIFER ANISTON MOVIE.
Title: Just Go With It.

With Adam Sandler and Nicole Kidman.

That’s right.

Heidi Montag has the great distinction of being in a film with Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman.

Jennifer Aniston has the great shame of being in a film with Heidi Montag. And right now she’s promoting another dumbass film called The Bounty Hunter. Highs for some are lows for others.

This is Jen in New York this morning wearing a great coat, showing off her great legs, hustling her sh-t to the MiniVan. Will she have to pose on the carpet with Montag at the premiere next year? Life just keeps giving.

Photos from Jackson Lee/