Jennifer Aniston has completed work on the set of Travelling in Vancouver. As the production does not officially end for another 3 weeks, Jen will be missing the traditional wrap party with cast and crew.

Instead, on Saturday, my sources say she treated everyone, including Aaron Eckhart and the film’s director, to dinner at the Teahouse in Stanley Park – a lovely gesture. Heavily guarded on the way in and on the way out, Jen was apparently in great spirits and very much looking forward to returning home to LA for some time in the sun before shooting her next film Marley & Me (sob!) with Owen Wilson.

As for reports she’s been receiving flowers every day – not true, at least not in Vancouver. She plays a florist in the film… this is why, naturally, she’s been photographed with bouquets and arrangements. There is however persistent buzz about Jason Lewis, even though they’ve never been photographed together, even though it’s all been only rumour and speculation (our sustenance) so far, still the tipsters are always on the alert for his whereabouts. My smutty sense tingling… will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, all of Hollywood is bracing for the Showdown this Saturday: the annual NIght Before Oscar party. As I first reported back in January, Aniston, Pitt, and Jolie have all been listed as hosts on the invitation. Am told that Jennifer is “100% committed” and it remains to be seen whether or not Brad and Angelina will meet the challenge, though if they don’t, it will be widely interpreted as a fold. Am hoping the three of them will just put this triangle to rest already, once and for all.

That way, maybe Life & Style will go out of business…

And if Jen really does go heads up against the Pitts, at least she will have back-up. Here are Jen’s BFF’s Courteney Cox and David Arquette out for dinner the other night patiently waiting for her return. CC looks freshly “done” around the eyes, non?

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