Thanks to Stacy A for the reminder! Remember Jennifer Aniston’s infamous pity party Vanity Fair article when she sniffled about Kimberly Stewart calling her “homely”? Back then it was a ploy for sympathy.

Clearly the strategy has backfired.

Because poor Jen will forever be known as poor Jen. Poor Jen who gets picked on by Kimberly Stewart, poor Jen who was the recipient of “sorry” flowers from Kim as an apology, poor Jen who had to throw Kim out of John Mayer’s concert because she couldn’t handle the competition.

It’s a terrible, terrible play. And a gross miscalculation by her PR team after so many recent successes with the new summer romance angle.

Seriously…what happened to her friends? Friends don’t let friends get beat down by b-listers.

As you would expect, her reps are already on damage control overdrive, tipping off People Magazine that Jen joined John in Milwaukee last night to kick off his North American tour. Only Jennifer Aniston could stand his limp dick music night in and night out.