I’ll be there for you, when the rain starts to fall…

The Daily Mail* is reporting that all six Friends are on board and that the show will be made into a movie sequel, a la Sex & the City, because Jennifer Aniston saw what the movie did for Sarah Jessica Parker and wants a piece of the same pie.

You see, up to this point, Jennifer has always felt she’s now too good for Rachel Green. That she is not what Gwyneth hilariously labelled her so many years ago – a tv girl and nothing more. This is true. She is the tv girl who married Brad Pitt.

Unfortunately, Jen, like Shelfy, couldn’t handle the truth. The truth is – she is not a movie star. What she is is forever Rachel Green.

And Rachel Green is coming back!

Finally Jennifer Aniston has embraced her fate. There’s no shame in being a tv girl for life! Am proud of her. You?

Word is the film will begin production within 18 months.


Who the f&ck cares???

Would you see a Friends movie? Really?

*Swallow with a super size grain of salt. Like how would the Daily Mail know this before Entertainment Weekly?