New cover of US Weekly features Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, an elopement story:

Engaged for two years, they still haven’t set a date. Now Aniston’s pushing for an intimate tropical getaway.

On the one hand, she’s campaigning for awards consideration for her performance in Cake. Most people don’t think she has a shot and might have to settle for being invited to the Golden Globes. And, as we all know, Brange just got married this year. They’ll be walking the award circuit carpets for the first time as a married couple. So…

But while I don’t doubt that Jennifer Aniston’s all about strategy and game-playing, I’m not sure this is her move right now. You save these moves for when you have a good shot at it. Cake is not going to be her shot, not when Julianne Moore is overdue, and definitely not when Reese Witherspoon is Tracy Flicking herself all over the place.

It happened eventually for Sandra Bullock. Because she never forced it. That’s what I’d tell Jennifer Aniston if I were advising her right now.