Wears print! And tights! And hot brown suede Loubs!

This is Jennifer Aniston not wearing black, not stylistically boring for a change, in Paris with Owen Wilson at the Marley & Me photo call this afternoon.

LOVE her Balenciaga (I think?) dress. LOVE the way it’s working with the shoes. Don’t love the way she’s constantly wrapping herself around him like he’s so vulnerable and needs to be saved and she’s the only one who can do the saving.

Having said that, it’s a much better plan of attack: a younger man, a new style, and no more crying. Until of course John Mayer leaves her for Megan Fox. Cackle!

PS.  It's been such a winning week for Aniston, People.com has just posted a new article celebrating her 1 year anniversary with John Mayer. He's probably jerking off to it right now. See? This week she took the battle. Next week, the Brange roars back?

Photos from Wenn.com