Jen wants an Oscar too!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 8, 2014 20:10:15 April 8, 2014 20:10:15

I mean if Matthew McConaughey can win an Oscar…

Jennifer Aniston is currently at work on an independent film called Cake. Do you remember her in The Good Girl? People lost their sh-t over that movie because she wore minimal makeup and her hair was short. I was like, that’s just Rachel with short hair. But there was *some* award buzz. Mostly because she was/is so popular and she was doing a “serious” movie – in other words, not a romantic comedy. At the time, when asked about such a possibility, Jen would swat away the idea. But she couldn’t clear away the dreams in her eyes. It was like how Justin Timberlake thought he might be nominated for The Social Network. HAHAHAHAAHAHAAHA.

The screenplay for Cake was on the Black List. And Jen is playing an “acerbic” woman who’s in a pain support group and who is obsessed with another woman who takes her own life (Anna Kendrick). Jen wears scars on her face and unremarkable clothing. Is that like “going ugly” for Oscar?

It’s possible. Hey, like I said up there, If Matthew McConaughey can do it…

And for all our sakes, hopefully they can put this together (money and production) in miracle time for it to be ready for TIFF. (Yeah it’s a longshot.) And then a possible acting contender for Academy consideration. Because you’ve heard of a project called Unbroken, haven’t you?

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