The PEOPLE Magazine Awards?


So, like, the MiniVan Majority Awards?

What do you suppose gets exchanged for a PEOPLE Magazine Award? It’s the inaugural year. They just named Jennifer Aniston the Movie Performance of the Year (Actress). This is the first award Aniston has ever received for a film role. The winners are selected by a panel of editors from PEOPLE Magazine and Entertainment Weekly. And, you know, that’s fine…

Except that one of the awards is “Cover of the Year” which ended up being PEOPLE’s Robin Williams issue. So…the people who put together the magazine vote on the magazine? Doesn’t make sense to me but if you can figure it out, awesome.

John Krasinski presented to Jen. And she was there with her power publicist Stephen Huvane. But she was also on yesterday’s episode of Dr Oz, talking about chronic pain and exercise etc.

Dr Oz???

DR OZ?????????????

Well, it’s a popular show. The MiniVan Majority loves that show. And I’m sure over in Palm Springs, where old ass Academy voters boss around their housekeepers while flaking dead skin off the couch, Dr Oz is a regular afternoon event.

So this is the work of that Oscar strategist I wrote about yesterday – click here for a refresher. This is how you win Oscars. And she’s coming on so hard right now she might even unseat Reese Witherspoon in second place for Best Actress.

Now THAT would be a situation.

I imagine for Reese, it was supposed to just be enough for Aniston to juuuuuust make it into the race. Like, the nomination would suffice.

But if she builds enough momentum, enough heat, to actually be a legitimate challenger? To threaten not only Reese but Julianne Moore…?

If that’s the case, does the situation become much less friendly?

Here’s Aniston playing games with The Wrap. Like I said, she’s everywhere, doing EVERYTHING, hustling her balls off. Is Jennifer Aniston the McConaissance of 2014/15?