Let’s face it, unless she walks the red carpet with Brad Pitt (or Angelina Jolie), any Jennifer Aniston Oscar appearance is going to seem kind of quiet compared to the year the triangle came face-to-face. But I never count Jen out.

First, the look. She’s always good to show up in a black dress with a perfect spray tan (people should ask her who she uses – she’s never orange) and a black dress. This dress was sequined and low cut and had a slit which people call daring but it’s not - it’s Jennifer Aniston feeling herself. Go on and feel yourself, Jen.

I always find her a bit nervous when she presents, and this year was no different: it had to be difficult to mention a recent passing that didn’t make the montage (this year) and her throat clearing seemed unintentional, her emotion appropriate for what she was up there to do.

She didn’t show up by accident and she doesn’t show up every year, so was it some lingering support for Justin’s work in Girl on the Train? Did she want to just say hey, we’re here, we’re fine, we are open for business and oh I BEAT BRAD AND ANGELINA.

Actually about that slit… remember who else wore a black dress with a slit? And it became a joke? It was one of the times Angelina was ever a joke.

No no no no no I’m sure that was the furthest thing from her mind. I mean it’s not like she’s going to get a wink from Nicole Kidman, who was supposed to star in Mr. and Mrs. Smith but dropped out, making way for Angelina. I’m sure it’s completely old news. It’s not like she and Charlize and Salma are huddled in a corner at a party dishing on what Jen’s insights are on her ex’s extremely contentious divorce from his polarizing and inscrutable wife. Who would be interested in that story?