Jennifer Aniston was not nominated for an Oscar last week. And there was a junket scheduled right afterwards for her to promote Cake. Like a true professional, she went ahead with her press obligations and did not get the chicken pox. (Oh come on, Brangelunatics. It was the easy, cheap joke.) So now we’ve turned this into the Snubbed Tour. To her credit, she did stop for some media outlets at the Critics’ Choice Awards and she did take the questions about not being invited to Oscar (by her peers in the acting branch of the Academy). And she played it well. Really, really, really well.

Here, with Access Hollywood, she’s honest about being kind of disappointed but then turns it around to support the other actresses:

Then today on Ellen, she referred to herself, jokingly, as the #1 Snubbed. It’s cute. It’s gracious. There’s not even a hint of bitterness. This is the Jen everyone thinks she is.

And she’s not stopping at the Oscar situation either. It’s almost as though, having been so focused on courting the respect of the Academy, her fellow actors, she’s now redirecting her focus back to her people, the MiniVan Majority, who would never have rejected her on those ballots, and reminding them that she still is, always, your favourite friend, the one who wasn’t accepted by Oscar but who will always be the one they root for because she’s just so… nice. So nice that she, during a publicity interview for her own movie, had praise for Angelina Jolie’s movie.

Does Jen want us to get over it because SHE’s really over it? Or is she playing at being over it because, well, it just makes her look really, really good?

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