That’s it. Unless the Oscars invite her to present on February 22nd, which would kinda be a slap in the face, Jennifer Aniston’s award season is over; the SAGs marked the end of her run. As we all know, she had hoped there would be another month of this. And she put in an aggressive, impressive campaign that …could only get her so far.

What would it have looked like if the Academy decided to include her? Would we have seen so many body chains? Would we have seen so much breast?

I like my Aniston breasty. The body chain though…

I mean, it goes with the f-cking toe ring she likes to pull out now and again. Which is one small step up on the anklet. There she is. That’s the girl we’ve known for 20 years. If she finally does get called by the Academy one day, this is the version of Jennifer Aniston that we should see there, even when she’s 60.