As I reported yesterday, Jennifer Aniston is currently shooting in Vancouver and is constantly attended to by 4 bodyguards who’ve come along with her for the duration of filming. Not only do they protect her, they also make sure she’s not photographed when she doesn’t want to be.

Because Jennifer Aniston is a serious movie actor. Because of course Jennifer Aniston’s entire career is based solely on her serious movie acting. Because her claim to fame has nothing to do with her hair or the fact that her nipples are somewhat always erect and protruding through her blouses and absolutely nothing to do with her marriage to a man called Brad Pitt with whom she was photographed endlessly and gloriously on red carpets for almost 7 years. Because Jennifer Aniston would never date someone like Vince Vaughn just to promote their movie and never conveniently get photographed kissing on balconies and the beach just as The Break Up was in circulation.

Needless to say, OF COURSE Jennifer Aniston doesn’t need the paparazzi. Just like Jessica Biel’s Shelf Ass doesn’t need the paparazzi.

Which is why her bodyguards guard her so fiercely.

But do they have to be racist?

What do you think of the word CHINK? Is it relatively innocuous? Is it ok to throw around randomly when referring to any random Asian?

Apparently members of Jennifer Aniston’s staff love the word CHINK. And they used it yesterday while berating a Flynet photographer and his Asian assistant. While getting in position to take pictures of her from well across the street, the photographer was approached by Aniston’s security team and told to beat it and to take his “CHINK” with him.

They bodyguards’ tactics then turned menacing which resulted in the photographer reporting it to the police who are now investigating the matter.

So the question is: does Jennifer Aniston condone the word CHINK too?  Is the MiniVan Majority going to defend her? Is the MiniVan Majority going to start hating Asians too? Followed quickly by People Magazine?

Does Jennifer Aniston hate Chinks? Do you hate Chinks?

PS. When this happened with the Pitts, an international incident went down resulting in major damage control and an interview on Indian television. Then again, everybody loves Jen.

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