It's been building for weeks now - this fascination of mine with what's different about Jennifer Aniston's face. Through the Just Go With It press tour, and yesterday in Mexico to promote her fragrance with the dumb name Lola Vie, there's a fullness to it, right? Some padding? And not like weight padding either, obviously. I mean it's Jen. She's as fit as ever. And as tanned as ever. The legs are scrubbed with sparkle moisturiser, the skin is glowing and Fabulous at 40(s)!, the hair in the new bob is perfectly highlighted...

But is there something more going on? Many of you have emailed me already gasping at it. The lips? Or something? Nothing? Just the way she's smiling? Again... The lips? No?

It's a fullblown obsession now. Also, have you smelled Lola Vie? Hit me back. Tell me what it's like.

Photos from and LUIS ACOSTA/