Jennifer Aniston’s fake Skrillex

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Jennifer Aniston presented to Jimmy Kimmel at the Spike TV Guys Choice Awards this weekend with her hair styled fake Skrillex which means the MiniVan Majority can start doing it now. Also, as you can see, her shoe game still sucks.

While on stage, Jen dropped a few jokes at Jimmy’s expense:

"Jimmy what a year you've had. You got to host the Emmys, must be so fun to finally meet all the stars who won't do your show. Jimmy you've got a lot going on in your life. Like me, you got engaged this year, unlike me, nobody cares. And here's something that no one has ever said before, 'I can't wait to see Jimmy's package' Roll it!"

Jimmy, if you recall, showed up for Jen in that embarrassingly sh-tty smartwater ad that was directed by Justin Theroux. Click here for a refresher. She and Theroux are tight with Jimmy and his fiancée, spending New Year’s together with them in Cabo -- click here to revisit those pictures -- and appearing on Kimmel’s show during his first week in his new time slot against The Tonight Show.

Backstage, Jen caught up with Bradley Cooper, who she was rumoured to be dating for about five minutes. Coop didn’t pass the test but Justin Theroux wanted to play and now they’re getting married, but not before he headlines his own pilot at HBO. Written by Damon Lindelof and director by Peter Berg, Justin plays a police chief trying to manage life after the Rapture. Will the wedding be timed around the premiere? Will she make a cameo?

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