You know how for a while there we were calling Taylor Swift the “friend collector”? Look at how Jennifer Aniston is working this Oscar campaign. There are celebrities everywhere jumping up on top of each other to host Cake screenings and events and interviews etc for her, to help her push for a nomination. We’ve seen Jason Bateman do it. And Jimmy Kimmel. And Selena Gomez.

Yesterday in New York, she was with Ariana Huffington, Marlo Thomas, and Gayle King, Oprah’s best friend, continuing to build momentum, to the point now where Oscar experts have now predicted she will receive a nomination, even though they weren’t thinking of her at all a month ago. Gold Derby said this week that she’s “ambushed” the Best Actress race. Could she actually f-ck up Julianne Moore’s chances? Right now she’s in fifth. But look at the work she and her Oscar strategist have done in just 5 weeks. She’s climbing.

Wait. Oh what now? Oscar strategist?

Yes. Haven’t we talked about that yet?

Her name is Lisa Tayback. You know her work. The King’s Speech? The Artist? Tayback ran those Oscar campaigns. AND WON. This year her job is Jennifer Aniston.

But this is the sh-t the MiniVan Majority doesn’t understand. They think Jen’s an innocent bystander, letting this Oscar drive just happen to her. In Hollywood though, across the board, it’s a game of ME. Jennifer Aniston’s been playing it better than we’ve ever seen her play it before. And if you want to win bad enough, you go for the best, you hire the best. Which is what she did.

Angelina Jolie is a famewhore. Jennifer Aniston is just as big of a famewhore.

It’s a Famewhore Battle Royale right now.

Don’t you love this show???