You remember that spectacular Mila Kunis interview with the young bumbling English journalist? Click here for a refresher. Jennifer Aniston was in London this week to promote We’re The Millers and talked to him too. This time, since it’s not new anymore, his awkwardness seemed more contrived. Also, although Jen was lovely to him, she’s no Mila Kunis. It’s just not the same personality. Still, she played along as much as she could. And it was cute when he asked her about her Five List For Normal People:


Note though her reaction when he brings up the fact that she makes headlines for the most innocuous quotes. How she immediately …indulges in it, in the complaining of it. Jen doesn’t shrug. Shrugging would be indifferent to the drama. There’s being indifferent to the drama and there’s giving in to the drama, non?

Jen was in Berlin yesterday to continue the press tour. The black dress she chose is all YES. It’s McQueen. The cap sleeves look amazing. And she chose the right shoe type, even though I’m over the round toe platform and it would have been better with a pointed pump. But the point is it’s not a strappy sandal. This is progress. Does she have to take off her toe ring to get these on?

Can we talk about the toe ring?

If a tramp stamp is a 10 on the low classy scale, what’s a toe ring?