The curious case of Jen’s hair

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I didn’t notice. I was too busy studying her nose buried into the side of his face. See how good she is at that? At looking like love?

You all however were much more observant. I received many, many emails about this yesterday – the length of Jennifer Aniston’s hair provided some readers with an Encyclopaedia Brown moment! (Did you read Encyclopaedia Brown? I totally wanted to be Sally Kimball.)

Let’s examine the case, shall we?

Yesterday photographer Terry Richardson posted two photos of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, implying that they were taken very recently in New York after he had met them for dinner. You’ll note, see below, that in the photos, Jen’s hair is wavy, past her shoulders. See here or below.

But remember...Jen had cut her hair into that bob, and we talked about it for WEEKS, back in February during promotion for Just Go With It. Her hair hasn’t been this long, as long as it looks in the photo with Justin, for months. So...

Jen and Justin supporters insist that he broke things off clean with his ex-girlfriend Heidi Bivens in March. And that there was no overlap between the two women., which only prints the “approved” relationship timelines per their celebrity-friendly policy, reports that the Jen-Justin romance only started in May...

Well then why in this photo is her hair so long? Or...longer? Or is it not? Is there no difference at all? Click here to see a legit pap photo of Aniston this week. To me, this is shorter. This is definitely shorter, to me, than her hair in the Terry Richardson photograph. You?

Here’s Justin with Richardson yesterday in New York. Richardson, by the way, isn’t exactly in line with Jennifer Aniston’s usual beach, margaritas, and French manicures crowd. Like, she’s not talking about pilates with him. Or shouting at the ocean to find peace. Rather, it may be a discussion about whether or not she should pose for him while removing her tampon. What? Click here. That’s Terry.

And now the MiniVan Majority’s favourite friend is hanging out with him? Because her boyfriend is artily connected to him? Oh Jen...

Can you keep up?

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