Not sure why it had to be a big ass deal this weekend that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux went to the movies and almost ran into Brad Pitt and his children. They didn’t. So, really, in the end, it’s like they were at the same place, a week or a month or even a year apart. Because the result was exactly the same.

More interesting then - Jen and Justin out for a walk with her dog Dolly and her nipples, well, the way her nipples always are, and his hat, worn like a poseur, giving some insight into the Justin Theroux aesthetic. Because that’s exactly what it is. An aesthetic. After all, you can’t tell me the way it’s perched just so off the back of the head has anything to do with warmth. What it does have to do with is not wanting to mess up his hair.

She does like her men vain though. Brad Pitt is vain. But Brad Pitt has never pretended to prefer anarchy and fringe, an anti-celebrity stance Justin seemed to espouse before, you know, he signed with CAA and started dating the most eligible single in Hollywood.

But I don’t mean to sh-t on him. Not when we could be focusing on his first tour of award season with his new title, Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend. With Wanderlust due for release in February, as noted many times already, it would not be surprising if Jen’s invited to present - at the Globes, at Critics’ Choice, at the SAGs... at the Oscars?

And I’ve a feeling Justin, as evidenced from all the famewhoring enthusiasm he’s shown us so far, will bring a much stronger game than John Mayer for a head to head against Brange. In fact, he might even be looking forward to it.