Youth is certainly potent but sometimes youth’s inexperience can lose one or two carpet battles. And this is how Jennifer Aniston’s little black dress beat out Brooklyn Decker’s horrific jumpsuit last night at the German premiere of Just Go With It or, as they refer to it over there, My Imaginary Wife.

As far as I’m concerned, no one, ever, not even at a wedding if the bride orders it of you, should be wearing this colour. Is it lavender? Brooklyn has a sick body. But from some angles, this piece of sh-t actually makes her look not so tight around the waist. Or the chest area. Also I can see the outline of her bra. Terrible form.

Also, not only does it give her a weird camel toe situation, in some light, the triangular area where her legs meet actually appears to be MOIST.

Look, I’m sorry it had to get so graphic. But you can see for yourself. It’s amateur and it’s low classy. Not well played at all.

Jen, by contrast, I love this LBD so much. She looks really, really good. And still…that filler water retention in the face, you see that too, right?

Photos from Andreas Rentz/