Jennifer Aniston and fiancé Justin Theroux hit up the LACMA 2012 gala this weekend. She wore an amazing long black dress, daringly low cut. And it’s very well done too. You can barely, barely see the figure skating sheer holding it together. But it’s there in a few shots where she’s twisted in a way that the material creases slightly, almost imperceptibly. And the colour isn’t pantyhose nude, right? It blends really well with her skin. Really impressively put together. And so flattering too with the diagonal panel on her left that brings in her waist.

But her face while she’s looking at little Olive photos with Drew Barrymore is cracking me up. You know that face right? That’s the face people get when Jacek starts telling stories about our dogs to people who don’t give a sh-t about dogs. Replace dogs with babies and that’s where Jen lives.