Jennifer Aniston made a surprise appearance at the television academy’s evening honouring director James Burrows last night. (Thanks Robynn for sending this over!)

As you know, US Weekly reported that Jen is pregnant and then Jen’s publicist Stephen Huvane, who has been called out on several occasions by US Weekly for being full of sh-t, denied that Jen is pregnant and, as I wrote here a couple of weeks ago, I hope for his sake and reputation that she isn’t and I hope for his sake and reputation that she is.

Jen appears in the video below at the 43 minute mark and she stays for about 10 minutes. Since I know you all are obsessed with BumpWatch, as Robynn pointed out, you’ll have a lot to eyeball when she gets up to leave, around the 52 minute mark. But I wonder if that’s not a mic pack. I hate mic packs. Think of a pager attached to a wire. (What’s a pager? wondered the millennial.) You have to hook the pager onto something you’re wearing and then loop the wire inside your shirt, your dress, whatever. It’s a pain in the f-cking ass for women because if you’re wearing a dress, there’s no waistband so it goes on your bra. If you’re wearing pants, it always pulls them down. And no matter what and where, it adds bulk. This is why they use boom mics on film and tv sets. The dude holding the long stick with the foam penis on the end of it? That’s for sound. That’s so the actors don’t have to run around wearing a mic pack. For interviews though, the most economical way to go is a mic pack. And Jen definitely has one on, just like Burrows and the interviewer do. And I wonder if that’s messing with her outfit.

No, you insist. She has to be pregnant.

Hey, like I said above, if she’s pregnant, it means, once again, that you can’t trust a publicist. And that’s always a fun game to play.

Now go and study this because I know you can’t wait. Click here.