Many of you have asked for an update on the situation. Click here for a refresher on what went down the other day. During the same “racialist” (booyakasha!) incident, Jennifer Aniston’s bodyguards also tried to run the photographer off the road. The paparazzo was using a long lens and was stationed over 2 blocks away from the set – in other words, not one of those crazy Britney Spears mobs.

As reported the other day, the photographer filed a report with the police. The police have since tried to locate the bodyguard and bring him in for questioning. My sources tell me exclusively however that once word of police involvement reached the set, the decision was made for the bodyguard to flee the country and he left Canada immediately. Jennifer reluctantly sent him home to avoid being investigated. Which is why the police have been unable to locate him over two days.

Rumour has it she was disappointed but did defend him, insisting that he must have been provoked to have uttered something so reprehensible. I guess that’s an acceptable excuse for calling someone a Chink.

Meanwhile she’s now requested extra help, asking the studio to pay for 5 extra security assistants to shield her at all times during outside location shots, even though two days ago, she was photographed waving at the paps.

Here’s Jen shopping at Holt Renfrew yesterday. Great ass, non?

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