Stephen Huvane’s primary duty as Jennifer Aniston’s publicist is to deny everything. His target this time is a publication no one has ever heard of based in the UK. Look Magazine claims to have landed an exclusive interview with Aniston in which she reveals the true nature of her relationship with Paul Sculfor, her hook ups with Brad Pitt’s mother Jane, and her meeting with The Chosen One Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

“I was very sad last month when (Paul) went back to live in London. But I’m going to be buying a lot of return tickets to Europe in the next few months so we can see each other. Paul and I speak to each other like brother and sister, nothing more.”

She supposedly goes on to say that she was so depressed after her divorce she temporarily had a case of Bridget Jones ““ying on the floor surrounded by ice cream.” Snort.

Much as I’d love to though, and much as I can picture it, that she’d tell it to an obscure British tabloid is virtually impossible. Remember, the Ocean and Pilates have made her strong. Jen doesn"t want to be your victim anymore.

As for the magazine’s account of her explaining that she ran into Brad and The Chosen One at a restaurant, Huvane says:

“The interview never happened. The events like Jennifer running into Brad with Shiloh at a restaurant is completely false as well, as are all the events and quotes they attribute to Jennifer." This time, rare I know, I believe him though I wonder if Angelina will hit the roof. And whether Jennifer will take great pleasure in that.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

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