Did you see her last night?   She didn’t get interviewed but most certainly was shot by the photographers in that gorgeous red that she’s never looked better in.  She really has never looked better.   

Which is why she was able to sit at the Dexter table last night, sitting beside Michael C. Hall, and holding her head up.   She wins.  She looks great, she’s gotten over some – most? – of the crazy, ridiculous hurt that happens when your costar who becomes your husband cheats on you with…your costar.  She’s holding her head up.

She had no alternative, really, did she?  If Carpenter held her head and wailed, well, he was still Dexter.  The show needed him more than her.  She had to do the impossible, had to find a way to get over it, at least for 12 hours a day, for months on end.  I’m sure there was a lot of help involved.

But the end is priceless. She looks great, he’s got to be endlessly grateful to her for not dragging him through as much mud as she could have, and now she gets to look at him with, if I’m right, a bit of bemused disdain. He screwed up, she held her head high, she looks awesome.  Perversely, I bet he’s more devoted to her now.

It is such a difficult thing to do properly and so beneficially. Sometimes hanging on to your dignity doesn’t mean what you think it does.  Sometimes it means keeping quiet and waiting.  It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. I’m impressed.

Speaking of perverse, SPOILER ahead, if what I hear about the end of Season 6 and certain siblings’ attraction is true, I can’t tell if the writers are geniuses or sociopaths. Who does that?