Did Michael C Hall actually go the Emmys? I’ve seen photos of him at an after-party but haven’t been able to find pictures of him at the show. Or perhaps I was preoccupied with shots of his ex-wife and his ex-lover dressed in similarly toned gowns. Grey-nude silhouette, hair down and wavy, one more tricked out than the other but overall it’s the same play, giving them even more in common than former lover and co-star.

I’ll give the edge to Carpenter who very rarely misses even though Stiles certainly deserves credit for her improvement. Do you remember her from the Golden Globes? Click here for a refresher. Goddamn that was bad. But she has a new boyfriend now. And he isn’t married. Some people figure it out quickly. Unlike Claire Danes who... I mean it took her a while and I worry that all the joy was taken from her and she can’t get it back. More on this later.

Photos from Wenn.com and Frazer Harrison/Kevin Winter/Gettyimages.com