Jennifer Garner is a pretty girl. Very pretty. And the dress was lovely. Lovelier than it looks here. Here for some reason it looks hideous. And it was far from hideous. It was a Valentino, with whom she arrived and again, she looked pretty and lovely. And you have to understand that I’m saying this with as little enthusiasm as possible. Because on a night like last night, with such an eye-popping contigent… as pretty and as lovely as she is, Jennifer Garner just isn’t PAPOW, you know what I mean?

She is however super super tight. An amazing back, toned arms, the flattest stomach ever…so that tip about her telling her friends she’s expecting again? From the looks of it, it was a bad tip. Not with that body, anyway. Usually hidden under her casual mommy clothes, at the Gala she showed off how much she works out. Clearly a lot but also not hardcore. Much less manly-ripped now than she was pre-Violet.

Funniest thing though – about Valentino. They were arm in arm, they did one interview, and then everyone just seemed to be interested in her… so he stormed off in a huff and went inside without her.

What a Queen…love him.