I approve. Violet arrived in December, Jennifer took her time, Jennifer did not starve, Jennifer had to endure people speculating about a 2nd pregnancy because her bulge didn’t evaporate overnight and now ten months later, Jennifer has regained form, looking fit and natural and healthy and normal a few days ago while out for groceries. Now don’t get me wrong…Jennifer Garner is no less taupe to me than she was before and the taupe has certainly bled over to Ben’s side as well, but still…at least she’s not knocking on death’s door. And at least she makes him happy – by appearances anyway. Ted Casablanca reported in his column today that during his acceptance speech at the Hollywood Awards the other night, Ben elicited giggles and gushing when he publicly acknowleged his wife: "The woman I have to thank is the woman who"s home tonight babysitting my daughter. She"s the reason most good things have happened to me. So, to the people at my table, if I don"t come back, it"s because I went home to make love to the babysitter." So I’m not one to lose my sh-t over cute (see Emmy Rossum)…but THAT was too frickin’ irresistible, even for the worst kind of bitch like me. Source