Tell me… is it still by accident if baby photos and happy mummy photos keep showing up day after day? Are the pappies really that clever? Are they really that despicable if hey just happen to “stumble” upon their subjects at the market, or the playground, or wherever there’s a celebrity mother playing with her adorable Violet?

Makes me laugh every time – when I hear the huffing and puffing of gossip amateurs sanctimoniously blasting photographers: Leave them alone! They are people too!

But wouldn’t you know it, Jennifer Garner’s agent is pitching a new tv show for her – a talk show, in fact, described as The View for Mommies, and Jen would make an appearance once or twice a week to brand the project under her name, much like Barbara Walters.

Coincidence ... or conspiracy?

Here"s Taupe and Ben and the adorable Miss V on Mother"s totally candid.

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