I’m telling you…since she had her kid, I’ve fallen totally in love with taupe. Taupe is what I call Jennifer Garner. Taupe is not offensive, taupe is far from interesting, taupe is bland, taupe is the colour that gets chosen by the insecure bride to ensure that her attendants don’t outshine her down the aisle. In other words - Taupe is forgettable. But forgettable doesn’t necessarily mean BAD, right? In fact, forgettable is better than fraud, and it’s better than fake, and it’s much much better than whore….so why not celebrate taupe today? Tuesdays are a perfect day for taupe! And while it’s clear that Jennifer Garner isn’t exactly crimson captivating, she IS certainly much more appealing because of Ben and more importantly because of Ben and Violet and Violet’s effect on Ben, to say nothing of the admirable way she’s gradually worked off her baby weight instead of surgerising herself to a size two less than a month after childbirth. Yay Jen! Yay taupe! Yay Jen coming from the salon! From the guy who does Aniston’s locks – looking rather perky (if not exactly the same) and svelte and fresh faced and but very, very pretty without make up and now I’m kinda bored… Are you? Source