Where was Jennifer Garner? Here she is at the weekend playing in the park. On the night when her husband would be confronted by not one but two formidable exes, Jennifer Garner stayed in Vancouver with Violet instead, preferring to focus on her role in Juno. And I’m sorry to disappoint you but the only smut I have on this situation is the “People Magazine” variety. Jen didn’t go because Jen didn’t care. Jen trusts Ben, Ben loves Jen, Jen loves Ben… Jen and Ben are strong. Believe me gossips…I resisted on this one. I went in there from every angle – are you sure, did she seem fidgety, like waiting for a phone call? And impatient? And did she pepper him with questions afterwards and get all insecure? Did she make him promise not to talk to so and so and go out afterwards to there and there? Is he on a leash? Does she keep him under her thumb? In a word…no. Taupe is steady. Taupe is calm. Taupe is entirely drama free. Taupe and Taupe are Happy. Source