Violet celebrated Easter yesterday with her parents then Ben kissed Taupe before jetting off to Massachusetts where he was filming today a new movie called The Company Men.

The Company Men costarring Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones and Rosemarie DeWitt (who should NOT have been ignored in Rachel Getting Married!) tells the story of some dude who gets laid off and the new reality facing his family as a result of a company downsize.

Sh-t. Sounds uplifting. But if America prefers Shrek driving a fast car and teenage skanks, even with John Wells directing, what are the chances this will light up the box office?

As for the Afflecks, needless to say, the Afflecks are fine, despite reports coming up every few weeks or so (resulting in your emails) that they’re headed for split. They have not ever been headed for split. And will not be for the foreseeable future. Two years from now? Anybody’s guess. But the point is – Ben and Jen are fine. And he wasn’t caught smoking by the paps either.

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