Ben Affleck played supporting character this weekend at TIFF as Jennifer Garner, his brother Casey, and his BFF Matt were all promoting films.

Here’s Taupe looking taupe on the Juno carpet the other night – wonderful dress, boring hair, and the footwear was rather inspired too. In all fairness though, my producer Deano saw her at the WireImage lounge and said she was surprisingly much more interesting to look at in person. And last night at the VMAs Taupe appeared to take a night off…Taupe replaced by Vavoom (and a little La Lopez circa 2003? Snort.) The dress is hot, her bed head is hot, the makeup is hot, the shoes are hot… hot is way hotter than Taupe!

And then there’s Ben. The Ben Affleck who once slicked back his hair and painted himself orange for Jennifer Lopez is now the taupe counterpart spouse to his wife. But in a good way.

I interviewed Ben on the carpet at the Running the Sahara screening on Saturday. First – one of the few celebrities who is legitimately tall. He is listed at 6 ft 3, he is every inch 6 ft 3. And very thin. His pants, which he wore well, were hanging off of him. Ben arrived after Matt and, like Matt, proceeded to oblige every media outlet in an effort to support his friend.

He’s definitely handsome – in a bland taupy kind of way, a very good looking man. Lips are a tad too thin and not much flair but these are certainly not the worst attributes and they certainly aren’t HIS worst attributes either.

Because Ben’s worst attribute is his footwear. Square toe leather dress shoes like these – see attached. Ask your gay – that sh-t is horrid and especially unforgivable for a Hollywood star. Case in point – my husband, he of the assy style sense, will only wear these shoes…see what I mean?

So anyway… Ben’s on the carpet, we joke around about his physical fitness regimen, I mention that he’s much leaner these days, he rolls his eyes about the attention paid to his weight loss and gain, tells me they’re having a great time in his Toronto – his family – then he heads inside for the presentation.

About 20 minutes into it he steps out to wait for his ride and while waiting begins to chat up the people in the lobby. He mentions that he’s a bad friend, said he’d love to stay to support Matt for the entire screening but because Jennifer was doing Juno promotion, he had to go back to the hotel to look after Violet. Awww…

Then he wandered over to the RSVP table, start flipping through the names of the guests… just killing time like a regular dude until his car came to pick him up. It was really, really cute.

Later on at the Four Seasons, Ben was riding the elevator with little V, heading back up to meet Jennifer. When the elevator doors opened, she was there, and she beamed and shouted – Where’s my baby?!? Everyone around said it was one of those moments – everyday moments that seemed completely uncontrived.

That night, Ben and Jen were apparently kicking back at Amber waiting for the Pitts to show up. They were of course delayed by the Brangelunatics and rerouted to Roof II instead. But to answer all your questions about friendship and cliques and relationships and whether or not Ben Affleck can get it on the Clooney-Pitt-Damon Oceans action… from what I understand, they’re all friends in private. No drama there.