Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner hand in hand, again spotted at the hospital, again not staying at the hospital, and still pregnant. She’s like the new Naomi Watts.

They look happier than usual. Ben actually cracked half a smile for the paps.

Much has been made of late about Taupe being photographed last week with sex therapist Holly Hein, the assumption being that there must be trouble in the marriage because Ben used to visit strip clubs and digitally explore the dancers.

Please. This is a woman who knows when she’s being photographed. It wouldn’t be so obvious. More like she still has that tv show in the works. The Mommy talk show. And she’s exploring recurring experts, hooking up a friend, helping the friend develop a platform…

Business doesn’t stop for baby, right? And Jennifer Garner lives a white picket life. Divorce isn’t part of the picture.

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