First day of school yesterday. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner took the kids together. According to PEOPLE it was a pleasant experience. 

"They smiled and chatted during the morning run," says a source. "There was no obvious tension between them."

You think that’s another parent offering this insight?

As you know, Ben and Jen were together last week, smiling as they were leaving a counselling session – click here for a refresher. At the time, there was some speculation that they might be trying to work on their relationship. A source told PEOPLE that they are working on their relationship but not in the hopes of getting back together:

"There is no reconciliation. They are working with a professional because there are emotions involved and they want to make this transition as easy as possible for their family."

Also…it doesn’t hurt that Chrissy O has totally gone underground and that they’re now controlling the narrative. I’m not a total f-ckup, see? I prioritise my children. I’m respecting my ex-wife. Stop thinking of me as the jackass who took the nanny on a private plane to Vegas with Tom Brady.

Will you though? Will you stop thinking of him as the jackass?