Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel were out last night in LA at the inaugural Image Maker Awards hosted by Marie Claire. They’ve been friends a long time. They’ve worked together (Valentine’s Day) and their husbands have worked together (Runner, Runner). And there are so many more similarities. It’s not like these two women wouldn’t know about being married to massive egos, right? It’s not like they wouldn’t know about infidelity either. Or having it on the cover of US Weekly:

Jessica and JT, obviously, got back together, eventually. And they married and last year they had a child. Jennifer is separated from Ben Affleck, not officially divorced, but supposedly there will be no reconciliation, although if they did reconcile, that would be even more common ground between the two.

Both are also not really doing much with these dresses. I hate the material of Jennifer’s and Jessica’s is, I think, a few inches too long.