Jennifer Garner was never as popular when Alias was ON the air as she has been now that it’s OFF the air. Strange, non? That an actress’s value can increase even when she’s not working?

This is the power of the MiniVan Majority.

Because Taupe had Violet. And Violet is the cutest, cutest, cutest. And photos of her dimpled little daughter have charmed everyone. So much so that wouldn’t you know it… Jennifer Garner is suddenly busier than ever, with back to back projects shooting one after another that should take her well into 2009.

Having a baby these days in Hollywood is a career move.

That said, Taupe has been off the radar the last few months shooting in Boston. She and Ben are back in Brentwood though and mom and Violet had a minor snafu yesterday while they were out shopping. Apparently Garner locked her keys in the car with Violet still inside but was able to coach Violet to let herself out.

Everyone was happy in the end. Especially the photogs. Look at those big toothy smiles! These images will sell all over. Violet is a big earner. And so she should be. Even my baby hating womb tingles for Violet. But only for a second. Because I’m the one who’d give birth to a serial killer. I’m Eva in We Need to Talk About Kevin.

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