It’s just one photo, one face, but I like it for the purpose of this story. Jennifer Garner at the BAFTA Gala to meet Will & Kate and, well, Jennifer Lopez AND Blake Lively were also there. That’s an easy Photo Assumption, non?

Interestingly enough, you’ll note that both Garner and Lopez bumrushed it over to say hello to Princess Catherine and have their photos taken but Blake Lively... I can’t find any shots of her with the Royal Couple. She didn’t fangirl as hard as the others. Maybe that was her way of subtly hinting to them that should Hot Harry actually call, she knows what the game will be.

Look how great Taupe is in this dress. She has amazing arms. And what a remarkable difference it is when she has someone decide for her rather than when she’s left to her own devices, those frumpy ass unflattering clothes that we regularly see her in.

Speaking of...

Here are the Afflecks yesterday out for dinner with their girls. Ben’s doing a nice job lately getting in some family exposure time. Must be that gambling scandal. As for Jen – again, you can excuse it by saying, oh she’s just wearing her Mom gear and you can’t blame her for that ... until you look down at her shoes and you realise, those are not “comfort” shoes but “deliberate” shoes, “I want to wear these because I think they are pretty shoes”, with a plaid shirt!!!

If it were a pair of flipflops I’d shut my goddamn mouth. But, like that print dress last week (click here for a refresher) , and the shoes she wore with it, this is not a pair of flipflops and a grab and go outfit. The woman really does make the most puzzling style choices.

Photos from and Kevork Djansezian/Pool/