Jennifer Garner was at the premiere of Dallas Buyers Club in LA last night with a fully present fringe – not parted, not swept to the side. Last week on The Social we talked about hair extensions and how almost everyone you think has great hair in Hollywood probably uses them. I have never had extensions and we had a hair stylist on the show who brought in some clip-ins and I had no idea you could clip in a fringe.

So we decided to try it on me. I got banged on the show. Ha. Check it out:

My ma hated it. She thought it was hideous. My cousin Cat told me to never do it again. I didn’t love it either, but more because of the discomfort. Kept wanting to push it off my face. It was itchy. Favourite reaction was Sasha’s – here’s what she said:

“What the f-ck was that? I turned on the show at the very end and your hair was craaaaazy.”

And then this:

“You looked like a mom.”

Just me and Jennifer Garner, banging together.