Jennifer Garner at the LA premiere of The Invention of Lying (terrible title) last night. She looked great at TIFF and, apart from the fringe, she looked great again last night. Forehead curtains. It’s like forehead curtains, see?

Jennifer flew in from Boston for the event, is expected to fly back shortly to join her family, and has said she enjoys living there with Ben Affleck and the girls while he’s working on his new film.

Oh the Taupe Life.

What makes Taupe taupe? Her favourite swear word is “Rats”.


A parking ticket! Oh RATS!

My flight is delayed, oh RATS!

Now I don’t expect everyone to cuss the way I do. After all, I am a degenerate. But I also don’t trust anyone who can’t drop a bullsh-t motherf-cker once in a while. Tightasses scare me. They’re wound up too hard. There’s no sense of humour. There’s no personality. This is Taupe.

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