Pop Sugar has the exclusive photos of Jennifer Garner on Monday on the set of her new movie Miracles From Heaven. Click here to see. Her hair is lighter and there’s a ring on her finger. Just like there was a ring on Ben Affleck’s finger in the totally not staged, super candid photos that PEOPLE posted yesterday – click here for a refresher.

Apparently Ben returned to LA on Friday. PEOPLE reports that he went out on Sunday, no ring this time. They also say that Jen and the kids stayed a couple more days before leaving Baker’s Bay. PEOPLE obviously has a lock on their schedule, or at least what they want you to know about their schedule. And their relationship right now. So, officially, they are moving ahead during this difficult time, prioritising the children, no animosity. Remember this, then, as we approach the start of Comic-Con where he and Warner Bros will present Batman vs Superman. Where he will be surrounded by media, an event that should certainly be considered as one of the most critical moments of his career. As I wrote last week, he’s capable of that kind of charm. A sheepish grin, a self-deprecating shrug. A carefully worded but casually delivered, likely pre-scripted line, yeah, life kinda sucks right now, or something to that effect…and let the chin dimple do the rest. Who’ll be able to resist it? That could potentially be a big win for him. It’s just that the high from that kind of thing never lasts.