Jennifer Garner is currently promoting Danny Collins. It’s about Al Pacino. He’s a songwriter but he writes sh-t songs and then Christopher Plummer, his manager (?), shows him a letter that John Lennon intended for him and I guess he’s rethinking his entire career. Then he goes off to find his long lost son. Who is married to Garner. And …well…it’s a “journey” movie. And the reviews don’t totally suck but so far, critics seem to think the ensemble is stronger than the story. I believe that. Annette Bening is in it. And I’ll see almost anything with Annette Bening. The trailer is below. Are you getting a Birdman rom-com vibe out of this?

Anyway, here’s Jennifer Garner in New York this afternoon in what I think is maybe the best dress she’s ever worn, Holy. Sh-t. Look. NO FRINGE!