Ben Affleck’s The Town was named one of the Best 10 of 2010 by the National Board of Review. The gala was last night in New York. His wife Jennifer Garner decided to accompany him. Well that must have been a buzzkill. Naturally, they did not pose together on the red carpet. But she wanted to be supportive. She wanted to be by his side. Because that’s what spouses do for each other. Which is weird because over the weekend, Ben received an award at the Palm Spring’s Film Festival and…

Taupe wasn’t there.

Palm Springs is way closer to Hollywood, where they call home, than NYC.

Oh but Blake Lively wasn’t in Palm Springs. Blake Lively was however at the NBR event last night.


It means nothing.

Sure. It totally means nothing.

And how did they face off?

Jen had terrible hair. Blake wore a terrible dress that did not flatter her body. And that is a crime. Because that body, as you know, it’s hard to not flatter it. I’m telling you. It’s only a matter of time before she launches herself at Jake Gyllenhaal. And that, yes, will be GREAT for gossip.

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