Taupe Tours Europe

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 4, 2007 14:56:39 October 4, 2007 14:56:39

Jennifer Garner is currently in Europe promoting The Kingdom. You’d think she’d step up her game for the continent, non?


Here’s Taupe yesterday in Paris wearing the most beautiful dark pink dress and the Laziest.Hair.Ever. That is until tonight in London.

Another distinctive gown that my Kiki would have totally owned but on Taupe she looks like she’s just brushed her teeth and is about to hop into bed. Why bother going to the trouble of finding something nice to wear only to forget about everything else? Why the Lazy Hair?

To me, it’s like Cash Bar at a nice wedding. Hey, if it’s all about the love and it’s a couple with modest means and it’s a small affair at a community centre or a family restaurant, the cash bar is amazing. I’m all over the cash bar.

But if they play it out like it’s some kind of elegant affair at a hotel or a country club with swank invitations and then offer a cash bar to their guests…

Nuh uh.

To me that means they’re getting the gravy boat. And don’t lie. I know you know exactly what I mean about the gravy boat.

And this in essence is Taupe Garner. No matter how gorgeous the gown, if you go Cash Bar with the Hair, you’re simply downgrading everything else.


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