They say that we are too hard on celebrities… that once in a while, since we are allowed to look like schlubs, celebrities should be allowed to look like schlubs. That we should be more kind and forgiving when they walk around wearing ass.

I agree… to a point.

Because when we look like schlubs it’s because we’re usually walking the dog at 6 in the morning. We pull out something old, sweatpants in the bands at the ankles, my husband calls them my period pants. And I know my period pants are unattractive.

But this is Jennifer Garner in a yellow dress playing with her daughter in her yard. To me this dress doesn’t look old. To me this dress looks like something she bought on purpose.

This is the problem.

Taupe actually stood in front of the mirror in a changeroom somewhere not too long ago and said to herself – this isn’t bad. Not bad at all. I will buy it. I will buy it and I will wear it.

The result?

She looks. Like a Herm!!!

Also attached – Violet and daddy Ben having a moment. If I was prone to maternal urges, I’d say I want to hug her. However, since I am a f&cking bitch, what I will say is that I want to buy her mother a new dress.

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