Worst Globe Hair: Taupe Garner

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 18, 2010 08:58:34 January 18, 2010 08:58:34

Sweet Jesus she made me straight up ANGRY. Every time I see the pictures I am angry. So angry. How do you sit in a chair and ASK FOR THIS HAIR? Wait, let me guess. People.com is ranking this as a “best” of the night? I don’t even have to click over there and I know already. It’s what the MiniVan would want.


Come on. We can fight all day and we will about the others but don’t fight me on this. You cannot approve of this. This is the most heinous, most insulting, most offensive hair on a carpet I have seen in a long, long, LONG time. F-CKERY.

Taupe is an attractive woman. She’s growing some Jessica Biel lips but she is an attractive woman. Nothing more distressing than an attractive woman with the sh-ttest taste ever who has forgotten how to eat. There is no joy in this woman’s life. Trust.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com

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