Dear Gossips,

Jennifer Garner hustled all last week to promote Miracles From Heaven. Click here to read Sarah’s review of the movie. As Sarah noted, Jennifer is the highlight of the film. And the film did well this weekend at the box office, finishing in third for a 5 day total of almost $20 million on a $13 million budget. The studio is considering it a solid success. And for Jennifer personally, given that this is her first project since her separation from Ben Affleck, it’s a major accomplishment and a perfectly executed PR strategy, building on the goodwill that’s come her way since the breakup. VOGUE actually posted an article about her hair on Friday. VOGUE! I know! The headline reads “Why Jennifer Garner Has Never Looked Better”. The MiniVan Majority loved her before the split. Now? It’s straight up, rabid devotion.

“When life gives you lemons… make lemonade!”

I can see her face on this poster, her dimples and smile so convincing, even I’d consider buying one.

So…what does she do with this momentum? The Chicken Soup answer is to “focus on the children”, obviously. OK fine but what’s the real answer? Will the talk show be re-pitched? She actually seems to be busier than she’s been in a while. There are back to back projects. After having to endure life in his “shadow” Jennifer Garner is, arguably, more interesting now than she’s ever been before. This is definitely not an accident. It would be an insult to her to suggest it.

Yours in gossip,