On the carpet and on stage, there was something decidedly clenched about B tonight and getting her ass handed to her by Mary J Blige probably didn’t help. Hee. Still…gotta breathe a sigh of relief – can you believe her two dresses were NOT offensive? Minus the rhinestone monstrosity in the middle of her belly, I actually quite liked the first. And given that we’ve been numbed by her previous disasters, even though it was loud and lamé the silver second wasn’t all that objectionable either. Two weeks away, Jennifer Hudson is a clear frontrunner – look for B’s tight jaw to get even tighter as Oscar approaches. Screech halt… this just in. From the eTalk crew covering the Grammys, Beyonce described as “gracious” at the afterparty, stopping at length to talk to press, after she got booed of course at the Golden Globes. See footage on eTalk Monday night. Source